Residential Concrete Driveway Repair

Doing the concrete driveway repair can be done in two ways: you do it yourself or you ask for a professional service to do the repair for you. However, if you decide to do the repairing on your own there are some things that you need to note. Cracks or small holes in your residence concrete driveway require a pragmatic skill which needs no training. Any home owner can do the repair. All he needs are simply a few working tools, some proper materials, as well as the details need the repair i.e. the crack or the pothole itself.

Repair Products

concrete driveway repairThe first thing to do when repairing concrete driveway is choosing the right driveway repair products. There are many superior quality concrete products for repairing the driveway cracks or holes. Deciding the best one that can meet your need for the size and the type of surface repaired gets the job done well and durable. The driveway repair product for concrete can be purchased at the local hardware store in your neighborhood. You can also find them in Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowes, or at the building supply store. Have a little survey from friends, colleagues, hardware professional, or the internet about the best product for your need.

Tools Required for the Repair

Driveway repair DIY for concrete surface project also requires you to have both tools and material to do the job. Here are some of the tools you might need for your project. You will need materials such as concrete, concrete patch mix, concrete float, as well as cement for repairing the potholes or cracks. You will also need tools such as cold chisel, hammer, pointing trowel, finishing trowel, wire brush, and garden hose. Work gloves helps to protect your hands from unnecessary incident.

Hairline Crack Repair

Both Portland cement and polymer based product can be used to repair hairline cracks on your concrete driveway. Clean the area thoroughly using wire brush. You need also to remove any loose concrete. Another driveway repair tips is to use garden hose to wet the area for several hours for a perfect application to the product mixture. You need also to make sure no standing water existing prior to repair mixture application. Use a pointing trowel to repair the crack with as much the mixture as possible. Then smooth off the repair mixture. Cover the repair with plastic approximately after 2 hours of application and leave it for 5 days, more or less 5 days. To help set up the mixture well, water the repair on a daily basis.

Repairing Larger Cracks or Holes

To perform driveway repair cracks, undercut the pothole edges using both cold chisel and hammer to ensure the repair mix hold fast and durable. Then clean the area thoroughly. Use either a bonding agent or cement adhesive to brush it on the chip thoroughly. Force the gravel mix into the area you want to repair. For finishing, you can use a trowel or concrete float. As of the hairline cracks, you need to cover the area using plastic and water it for about 5 consecutive days for letting the mixture set as it should be. You need also keep your vehicle off from the newly repaired area during those days. Compare to the hairline crack, this type of driveway repair project requires you more time to finish.

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